Roilo Acosta

Roilo AcostaMy name is Roilo Acosta, I' am living at Tintinara, South Australia and this is my story!

Way back 2016, one of my friends referred and recommended  SEEK MIGRATION for my VISA application. I contacted them to process avail their migration services. Since then they were able to help me in my application for VISA 457 Skilled worker and get my approved on March 24, 2017. After that, they were also able to secure a VISA for my wife ( Living in the Philippines) on March 24, 2017. Further, in September 2019, they were able to help us in getting a VISA for my daughter. And finally, my heart is full of happiness when we received the approval of our PERMANENT RESIDENTS VISA as a family last July 27, 2020. Yes, I am truly happy that my family is here in Australia and that we are now permanent residents. Looking forward to securing Australian Citizenship for the next years to come.

Fernando Tolosa

Fernando TolosaThank you very very much to Seek Migration especially to Ms. Elaine and Ms. Rinchen for my Resident Visa Approval. I remember that month of May when I send all my paper works to Ms. Rinchen and she always calling me for the other documents and fill up the questionnaire she gave. But the happiest moment is when she calls me for my Resident Visa grant. I can't say anything just thank you very much for the fast approval of my Visa.
Thanks Seek Migration and God Bless!

Haydee Diaropa

Haydee DiaropaThank you so much Miss Cheryl and Seek Migration for my visa approval. 

God Bless you!

Madel and Chris

Maridel DeyanDespite the Pandemic Situation

I would like to express my appreciation to Seek Migration especially to Rinchen and to Elaine for the unending support they have given to me and my partner. I remember around this time
last year, we only submitted our requirements last minute. Couple weeks ago, Rinchen has called me couple of times and sent me couple of emails following up our last required document. Days after (25th June  2020) after submitting I received a call from Rinchen congratulating me that our partnership visa was approved! Truly a blessing despite of the work load and stress for both of me and my partner! With this Pandemic situation, Seek Migration has never stopped working and keeping is updated regarding my Visa. 

Paul and Analy Perry

Analy PerryHello everybody we would like to share our happiness today that my visa was granted. We applied partner visa on July 2019, and granted June 2020, it only took 11 months. Thank you so much Miss Cheryl Solis for helping us from my Tourist visa and my Partner visa. Your the best. I will highly recommend Seek Migration.