Colin Chapman

We would like to thank Seek Migration for their help in obtaining our visas for Australia especially to Janice & Jason's effort and would highly recommend them for anybody who needs to obtain visas. Thumbs up for their friendly staff. Thank you once again... 

Mariela Marsuratti

"I thank the staff of Seek Migration in Melbourne´s office: Elaine, Ann, and Praksak!  Your kindly, warmly and friendly support make this process less stressful.  Thank you so much and I hope you continue helping people to visit this amazing country!"

Aldrin Gaslang

 "I would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to Elaine and Ann for helping me/us my/our visa application for (187 visa)also in behalf of my family I thank you your support and efforts from the very beginning of my application,it was a great news for my family and huge news to start and until the end of the year.

Limuel Siega

Thank You So Much Seek Migration it's been a long 8 years since I was employed here in Australia and finally, I got my permanent residency with the help of Seek Migration especially to Ms. Cheryl Solis that assist me for processing my visa to get through it. For a big pleasure I highly recommended Seek Migration to process any kind of visa's here in Australia particularly permanent residency. More Power and God Bless!

Eduardo De Lima Reis

After three years living in Australia, we are happy to say we are Permanent Residents. We know that there are lot of options to get this if it is your wish, however in all of them you have to get the right orientation, and we did. 

At Seek Migration, they tried to understand my history and then create the plan on top of that. Each case is a different case. Also, their questionnaire is complete and fully revised, reducing the risk of mistakes. As a result, we got our visa in 8 months.