Jennalen Timogan

First of all, I’m very grateful to God, for granting our wishes. He led me on the way to Seek Migration and met their staff in person. The Seek Migration welcomed me with all their hearts.
They were so kind and generous. My partner visas 820 and 801 are finally granted including my two daughters. Right from the beginning when I applied for a tourist visa application I also included both my daughters. Right from then, seek migration is always there to help and suggests what we need to process the application. Thank you very much to all staff of Seek Migration. Thanks to Jason Galgana, and special thanks to ma’am Janice Orense Roa Calugay, she’s the one who truly guides me and always reminds me to update. From tourists to PR, ma'am Janice has been there and always supports me. Seek migration is the best company that you can highly recommend to other people that need assistance with their visa application.
God bless you all and stay safe!

- Timogan & Jobbins Family
     Partner Visa applicants